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Quality & Pride

We, SEVEN ARCS GROUP, consist of SEVEN ARCS PICTURES Co., Ltd. which is an anime production studio
and SEVEN ARCS Co., Ltd. which engages in various anime content planning and business development relating
to our original anime products other than anime production.
We are the company which creates the best entertainment content with “Quality & Pride” as our watchword.

We became a member of Tokyo Broadcasting System Group in 2018
and now we are able to expand furthermore by strengthening the business partnerships with other member companies in the group.

“Anime Industry” has become a culture which Japan takes pride in
and has been disseminated worldwide as a global phenomenon,
and now is the time we deliver the great excitement with our highly evaluated animation and its related content.
We continue our challenge for the future with “Quality” (proud quality) and “Pride” (work with confidence).


Our expertise lies in creation of lovely characters such as our huge hit “Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha” series and extreme animated action products since the foundation of SEVEN ARCS in 2002. The anime production department was incorporated as SEVEN ARCS PICTURES Co., Ltd. in 2012. It possesses a number of titles for Intellectual Property (IP) and we are challenging various types of products and business development, such as historical anime and cute-girls-doing-cute-things anime, since its foundation.


The average age of SEVEN ARCS GROUP’s employees is low, and those young staffs who deeply love anime are working hard with a strong passion every day in order to deliver great dreams and excitement by their favorite anime. We are looking for new staffs who are aiming at growing with us by considering the anime and content business as their lifetime careers while they try to have relationship with a great number of people proactively and challenge new things consistently.



Company nameSEVEN・ARCS Co.,Ltd.
AddressHikarigaoka MK Building 201, 5-11-26, Takamatsu, Nerima-ku Tokyo, 179-0075 Japan
Business scopeOverall services for the contents business, except the animation production


Company nameSEVEN・ARCS・PICTURES Co.,Ltd.
AddressHikarigaoka MK Building 102, 5-11-26, Takamatsu, Nerima-ku Tokyo, 179-0075 Japan
Business scopeAnimation production


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